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 Bridging Loans

At we offer our clients a variety of different solutions for financing commercial property.

In certain situations we can offer business finance for 100% of the purchase price (or 80% of the property value, whichever is lower) this would be in the form of a closed commercial bridging loan. This would only be available to customers after they have exchanged contracts. Open commercial bridging loans (which available before completing) are available for up to 75% of the property value.


Bridging Loans are available for the following purposes

1. Bridging Loans to Purchase property at Auction. - In many cases auction deals require buyers to complete within 21 days therefore it is imperative to for a company get financing in place to buy the property before financing can be available from a conventional bank.

2. Commercial Bridging Loans - We can offer commercial brdign loans on all types of commercial property. It can be a property that you already own or one that you plan to purchase. In addition loans are available for a variety of other purposes which include business expansion, cash-flow, or even to pay taxes.

3. Bridging Loans for Credit Repair. If one has credit problems like arrears or CCJ, Focusnet may be able to offer you a non status bridging loan.

4. For land purchase - We can arrange loans secured on land with or without planning permission, including agricultural land.

5. Non-Status Briding Loans- These are also available for any type of property including land up 65% of any asset value. In many cases income proof is not required and we cater for most credit problems including bankruptcy.

6. Bridging Loans for Property Refurbishment - A bridging loan is often the only method of funding a property in need of refurbishment as most banks require properties to be in very good condition prior to the release of funds.